It has been said that in life we get the teachers our soul needs, not the teachers we want. This applies to politicians too (and perhaps especially).

My 12 year old son does not even live in the U.S. but he was hiding under his bed last night as the Election results started rolling in. As a young profoundly spiritual person he could not comprehend how this could happen. He keeps reminding me of Donald Trump’s age (70) and I thought: “Aha! Apparently it takes a Trump to teach us what a true Elder of the Community is – BY NOT BEING ONE). A timely and important lesson. Also a very costly and risky one… but thank you Trump nevertheless…

It is interesting that the “final race” was between an man and a woman who both anchor distorted expressions of masculine and feminine. This is one of the great issues and challenges of our era. Neither of them present a healthy template for being a Modern Man or Modern Woman. Thank you for the modeling and mirroring, I clearly need to sit with this, reflect on this within myself…

And I do not mean this as a personal reflection. Obviously Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are real people with histories, families and political ambitions. Having said that: they are also Puppets in the Puppet Theater of  both our Internal World and External World. By being alive at this time, we exist in the same “Human Spider Web” as they do. Their actions and energies hold up a myriad of mirrors and teachings for us.  Therefore the bad news is that we all have an Inner Donald Trump and Inner Hilary Clinton to deal with just now. Trump and Clinton could only rise to the positions they have achieved courtesy of people who saw their own dreams and ambitions in them, supported them and funded their campaigns. Right. So now we get to learn where those beliefs and principles really lead us. Apparently we did not have full clarity before… we have called  Big Bitter Medicine towards ourselves.

So let’s take some time off from our day job… we have MUCH shadow work to do… Sending Trump (or Clinton) your anger, despair or even “hate” will not change a thing (it is still a donation of energy! If they are clever enough hey could even use it as fuel!) Choosing our attitude with extreme care and using the same amount of time and energy for profound spiritual work may just shift something….  If a truly large number of people does this, the world will truly tilt on her axis. something will definitely shift.

Brexit taught me (and others living in the UK) that we humans build islands of kindred spirits for ourselves. We surround ourselves with people who think alike and do not challenge our perceptions (too much). Over time this leads to the false perception that “most people think the way we do”, while actually the majority holds a very different view.  This means we are NOT DONE  working with this material held in the larger collective…  

There is an extremely dangerous belief: “I am a spiritual person, I no longer need to grapple with this!” Whenever anyone calls themselves a light worker I immediately wonder: “…and do you also do the darkness work, the shadow work?!”

The (so called) “digitalization” means that we make full use of modern technology to access information and do business. We truly live in a “global village” now. It is wonderful time to be alive: I hugely enjoy teaching on-line classes and speaking on Skype to people on the other side of the world.  However, is there a shadow to this ?  Yes, of course!

Perhaps we have not addressed genuine concerns people have about losing their  cultural identity in the process.  “Living in a global village is great – but what about the actual village I live in? What about local customs falling by the wayside?!” (I am Dutch and a recent example is that my mother is annoyed by Halloween blowing over to The Netherlands in recent years. We have enough indigenous customs she says – we don’t need Halloween.  – And in truth I agree with her!) Courtesy of Brexit, I am far more aware of such things… That means I need to be…

After Brexit, I wrote in my Newsletter:

The last observation I will share (and this is not going to make me very popular) is that no human being is an island. we all dance and vibrate in a larger web of connections. I often feel that politicians volunteer, quite bravely, to go stand in “hot spots” in that larger web. They are standing in places where history and decades (if not centuries) of decision-making have already occurred. (You could also say that they volunteer to anchor spaces riddled with collective karma!) Once they do so, it takes a very long time to make the kind of changes people want to see. No matter what party they belong to, they get inevitably get voted out of office by discontented citizens. So someone else volunteers to jump into the same black hole… And once they do they buckle under the weight of all the projections they carry on behalf of the larger community. (This could be called The Politician as Scape Goat Archetype!)  Just that would stop me personally from ever becoming a politician but I feel gratitude for the fact that some people are called to do this work. I just wish they’d truly act from a place of integrity (meaning WHOLENESS, COMPLETENESS, from integer: WHOLE) and highest good for the community, not ego and making their mark or enforcing their will on others.

I just hope we can all take a moment to tune into our “Inner Politician” (perhaps the backseat driver type?!) and take back some of the shadow material we project onto others. If we see it in them – it exists in us… The same goes for the “Inner Refugee”: On some level we are all refugees. We are all in exile from Paradise, from the “Heaven On Earth” that is our spiritual birthright.

 I know only one thing for sure: ANYTHING UGLY THAT FLOATS UP, SEEKS HEALING!!!

What Brexit tells me is that there are no short-cuts: we can not arrive at a more enlightened paradigm by simply “dragging the people of a different vibration with us”. They need to have their say and it is only through acknowledging (not to be confused with “agreeing with”) ALL the fears and shadow material, that we stand a chance of healing long-standing “black holes” in the Web of Life. This is a TOUGH discovery…. This is a COLLECTIVE INITIATION.

The way through any initiation is by learning the lesson and mastering the challenge.  The whole point about an initiation is that you feel you cannot bear it for a moment longer, you feel you are going to die, you would walk away from this if you could, move to another universe tomorrow… You may never stop screaming or sobbing!!!

Do we recognise the tell-tale signs??!

I have had some tough teachers in my life. Today I am grateful for them because they chiseled at me. They chipped away at my ego and  preconceptions. They laughed at my comfort zone. They stripped down the whole nest of Russian dolls until there was only a small one left: my authentic self. Who then had to start all over again and create a life for herself along completely different lines.

So go on… take the bitter medicine. Do a meditation to your Inner Politician, to your Shadow, to your Fears.

Ask all of them: what is the gift here? What gold can I extract in this particular darkness? Stop whining, start mining…

Imelda Almqvist

Imelda Almqvist’s book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) was published by Moon Books on 26th August 2016. She is based in London,UK and teaches shamanism and sacred art internationally.