My children like asking me: am I a witch?! But no, that is not a title I feel can claim for myself. However, Sheena Cundy’s delightful book arrived with a personal note on a postcard from The Museum of Witchcraft. Now that got my children’s attention!! Had I just received a communication from a “true witch”?! Yes, I had! I will have you know that I instantly rose miles in their esteem. Thank you Sheena!

The Madness and the Magic is a lovely book. It is a novel and packs a good story with many laughs (plus some serious food for thought). Having said that, what makes it different from a regular “good read” is that it is about a Witch called Minerva (and her teenage daughter) so one actually finds out what happens in the household of a witch! Is the universe perceived a touch differently here? Even the new year starts on a different day of year, compared to most households!

The cosmology that forms the backdrop of this books follows sound spiritual principles. I am actually pretty sure this is what could or would well be happening in the house of a witch right now!

As a shamanic teacher I feel that the funniest scene in the whole book involves a set of dentures and  a fire. I won’t give the details away (buy the book!) but I laughed out loud.

So… if you are looking for a book that is intelligent and unusual – this is the book for you! And did you know that even a menopausal witch cannot escape hot flushes?! There just doesn’t seem to be a spell to ward them off…

I am sure my three boys will now say: and what about a novel about what happens in the household of a shamanic practitioner?! But no,  I doubt that it would be half as entertaining as this book…

Oh and one more thing! I am not the best of sleepers, especially when I am teaching shamanic intensives (from 9.30 am until 10.30 pm). This book took my mind off work very effectively last week, reading it as I drifted off into sleep. Not just that: it brought me some very interesting dreams too!

In one of those dreams I fell madly in love with a baby guinea pig (something that would not really happen to my waking everyday self!) How could this be? I have never heard of a witch who has a baby guinea pig for her familiar but that is the role this creature was offering to play in my life…. What was going on?? Some witchcraft perhaps?! This book had me spellbound!

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Imelda Almqvist