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Healing has become a bit of a buzz word. We speak of healing situations and healing our planet (though I often think that our planet would heal herself pretty quickly if the human race became extinct but one is not supposed to say such things!)

I am a shamanic practitioner so I offer shamanic healing sessions and I also train students in shamanic healing work. My website used to be called The Art of Healing but then I changed it to School of Sacred Art and Shamanism.

I am also a “fledgling author”: my first book is going to be published on August 26th. It is called: NATURAL BORN SHAMANS: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages)

And I never thought I’d see the day but actually the word “healing” has started to get on my nerves. Why? Well, because the moment we speak of “healing something” (or ideally everything), we are focusing on the fact that “something is wrong, out of balance, dysfunctional, painful” and so forth. However we wish to define or describe that state.

I do not deny for a moment that our planet is full of situations that do actually need healing but I am beginning to question the issue of focus.

The moment our (individual and collective) focus is on healing, we are responding to something that has already “gone wrong”. We can get so busy with this process that we never stop long enough to ask ourselves: how can we create healthy reality?!

As a culture we are so deeply enmeshed in distorted blueprints (you could call them archetypes, patterns or imprints): the distorted feminine, the distorted masculine, the “out-of-control warrior god” – it all rampages around us.

So…  after seven very intensive years of “overdosing” on shamanic healing work a seven year itch has occurred in my life. I have taken some time out to really reflect on the questions: what is my soul calling and what does the world most need right now?

Whenever I call myself a shamanic practitioner people instantly think: ah, she can do healing and readings on tricky questions, great!! So recently I decided to “drop the practitioner bit” and call myself a Teacher of Sacred Art and Shamanism instead.  I am well aware that the vibration of the words I use is going attract the work that matches this vibration! This is how I create my personal and professional reality!

Soon after I had an interesting discussion with a friend and colleague who is really questioning the word “teacher” at the moment because it automatically puts one person in a place of authority, while working with shamanic process everyone present has a unique contribution to make. And I get that… I too have been reflecting on that. My philosophy as a… shamanic training provider (shall we say)…. is to give people the basics. Share and honour what has been done and whose life’s work this is (our spiritual lineage, those people on whose shoulders we are allowed to stand when we do our own learning) but in the final reckoning I tell students to go with what they themselves receive from Spirit.

The next question I asked myself is: of all the things I do, what is most in line with what I perceive to be my soul calling. Meaning where am I most able to make a unique contribution to the planet I love and my larger community? The answer is easy: I consider sacred art courses (especially my 2 year sacred art practitioner training, also known as “SAP Rising!”)  to be my finest creation. It was born from a question people kept asking me: when will you offer courses teaching people to make art they way you work yourself, working in close partnership with Spirit? After fair amount of “spiritual archaeology” (excavating limiting beliefs and releasing them) I decided to take the plunge – and I have not looked back!

This course became reality here in London, UK, and I always have a mind blowing time with my Circle of students. That course was created from pure joy, from sheer bliss and happiness. It was not visioned as a “healing course”  yet profound healing occurred and keeps occurring. Once people learn how to “Dance with the very gods and goddesses of Creation”, they regain the ability to joyfully create the life that is their birthright. Healing happens as a side effect of bliss, of immersing ourselves in a creative process that makes us (and all we touch) whole and holy.  And this was my ultimate conclusion when I spent a lot of time reflecting on the nature of healing.

Then I had the very good fortune of being invited to take this training to the USA, where it will run in 2017 – 2018 (at Pendle Hill Philadelphia). My colleague Susan Rossi and I both tuned into this and got the same thing: the time has come to actively create healthy reality, to anchor new templates here on Earth through receiving and anchoring them within ourselves first. That way we “ARE not only the change we need to see in the world” but we EMBODY it, meaning that we make it manifest physical reality. So I cannot wait for that course to run!

I am going to finish this blog right here, but I will paste more detailed information below. Just in case you wish to dream and create along!

Imelda Almqvist



We are offering two on-line seminars anyone can join (meaning that you do not have to be a registered participant on the course) where collectively we will start dreaming this work into being. I do a lot of dream work with all students I teach and often the most powerful material and revelations come from dreams. When people dream together, the dreams and messages intensify. So we will introduce a shamanic perspective on dreaming and then we will all grow wings and fly! Everyone’s contribution is equally valued and welcome. At the end of the day Susan and I are facilitators and “sacred space holders” but the true teachers are the spirits!

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Imelda Almqvist’s book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) will be published by Moon Books on 26th August 2016.  

Her sacred art course SAP Rising in Philadelphia, USA combines art and shamanism. For more information you can contact Susan on