GATE OF BLESSINGS 2015 Winter Solstice

Here is a ceremony I really enjoyed performing at the Winter Solstice this year (2015):

Use two lanterns to create a Gate of Blessings outside, facing and framing the direction of the Rising (and Returning) Sun.

Also use two other candles (or tealights) to create a Gate of Blessings in a window or doorway, leading into your house.

On the Eve of the Winter Solstice, light those lanterns/candles.

(In my case the Waxing Moon,pregnant with possibilities, sailed through this Gate before the Sun did!)

As a Priest(ess) of the Returning Sun, be up at the first hint of the night sky changing hue. (For me his was 5 pm, while the actual sunrise was at 8.05 am).

Put fresh candles or tea lights in all lanterns.

Serve mead and chocolate to the ancestors (I asked that the Mead of Poetry may inspire our every word and thought in 2016, in our whole family)

Also burn incense for the ancestors. Say prayers, invoke their support, guidance and blessings for the year to come.

Prepare an expression of the Divine Child. (Here I mean the universal Divine Child, not necessarily Baby Jesus unless you feel a strong connection to the biblical Christmas story). My Divine Child was represented by a small baby doll and it arrived riding a Stag.  For me this represents unity consciousness and a a healing of all polarized consciousness).

As Father Sun rises above the horizon, take the Divine Child outside and greet the Returning Sun. Thank for light, warmth and selfless giving.

Do a meditation where you see the two Gates of Blessings (outside and inside) as lenses creating a force field and focus (not unlike a magnifying glass).

Focus the blessings of Divine Light and Light Returning to Our World both inward (on the realm of Home and Hearth) and outward  (see our world reborn in Divine Birthright Perfection, see this light radiating out wherever it is needed and welcome, see Light sinking into Mother Earth).

Say any prayers for the year to come. Speak words from the Temple, the Holy of Holies that is your own heart.

It is done!

Imelda Almqvist, December 2015


RETURNING SUN 2015 Winter Solstice