This morning I had a very vivid dream: during a shamanic healing session with a client (yes, these days I seem to be seeing clients even in my dreams!) I received guidance from Spirit that we needed to do ancestral work. At that point in the dream the client and I were taken to a forest where every tree represented a ‘Family Tree’ and all those trees together made a forest with many connections on all levels (roots and branches touching, roof tops dancing in the wind to the same rhythm).

We located her personal family tree and then found a path starting there that took us to all her ancestors. It branched off into many other paths and every ancestor had their own personal tree in ‘her’ forest. We found her ancestors standing behind those trees and this meant that we could talk to the ones we wanted to see. The ones that had important information to share. The ancestors that my client had something to say to or unfinished business with.

And then I thought: this dream makes a good meditation or shamanic journey! Ask your family tree to appear and climb it or go for a walk in the ‘larger forest’ that is your community. The possibilities are endless!

A few years ago I had a client who needed to do ancestral work (and on this occasion the work was done in everyday reality!). I did diagnostic work (meaning that I consult the spirits in advance about the work to be done) and they said: “Bring a real tree into the house for the session!” In truth I thought: “This time my ‘invisible team’ has gone too far!!” But lo and behold: on the morning of our session, someone left a Christmas Tree (potted and in excellent condition) by our front gate. So I gladly carried in the Christmas Tree and we made excellent use of its presence. (This was an early January session!)

So if you are going do this meditation or shamanic journey: ask to be taken to an ancestor who can cast light on some pattern you are trying to break in your life, or some mystery you are trying to solve. Then ask for the pattern to be unraveled and the energy invested in it to be transmuted into love and blessings.

It could be the best half an hour you ever spent! And the most illuminating half an hour of your life too!

And if things get too complex – go see a good shamanic practitioner.

Good luck!

Imelda Almqvist

Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic practitioner, teacher and painter based in London, UK