Yesterday our 15 year old son introduced me to “The L Bomb”. He was writing a Valentine Day’s card to his girlfriend at the time and asking me “what girls like to hear?”

I said: “Girls like hearing that they are loved, that they are beautiful and that their boyfriend is going stick around because he loves her above all others!”

My son then said: “But in school I observe that the moment you use the L word (LOVE), people break up with you. It is best avoided, I think!” Apparently this is what passes for received wisdom in Year 10 in an Inner London Secondary School. And then he asked how to ‘write around the issue’. I said: “Write that she is the LOVELIEST girl you know’ and she will get the message without you committing to The L Bomb”. But the word ‘love’ will be in there for her to find…. So that is what he did!

One wonderful side effect of parenting teenagers is that it ‘keeps you in the loop’. I suspect that if I did not have three children, my attitudes and language would be ‘archaic’ by the next generation’s standard. And I certainly do not agree with a lot of what I hear and learn – but it feels important to be ‘in the know’, to be aware of the influences shaping my children’s lives and choices. And once I am ‘in the know’ I can keep the lines of communication open and feed my teenagers ‘a small dose of a different perspective’ here and there.

So what is happening to our world if the word ‘Love’ is seen as a bomb by young people?!

If this is so I would like to become a Love Terrorist and radiate love in all directions and into all dark corners on our planet.

The word love brings vulnerability. The moment we express love, we show our feelings and  our true colours. Having said that, isn’t this the one great risk really worth taking?

My mother-in-law calls Valentine’s Day the ‘Day of All Hearts’ (Alla Hjaertan’s Dag in her language, Swedish) and feels it is the perfect day to express our love for everyone who is dear to us. I call that a ‘higher octave concept for Valentine’s Day’!

I am also aware that for many people Valentine’s day is right up there with Christmas Day as one of the most difficult days of the year. Days where others have romantic candle light dinners and families gather to exchange presents. So I would like to ‘drop the L Bomb’ on people feeling like that – but only with their permission, of course!

I just wrote a status update on Facebook: could we all use our imagination today to cook up a Great Love Cauldron so anyone who is in need of love can come and drink from this? This will be a Cauldron of Plenty – the more people drink from it, the more love it will contain!

So yes, I am quite taken by the idea of being a Love Terrorist today and dropping “L Bombs” all over the place.  Valentine’s Day will be ‘V Day’ (Victory Day) from now on. That will turn the concept of The Love Bomb right on its head…

I send love to anyone reading this!!

Imelda Almqvist



Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic practitioner, teacher and painter based in London, UK