A Shamanic Practitioner has every profession known to humankind: doctor – priest – cleaner – midwife – storyteller – astrologer – anthropologist – artist – philosopher – bridge builder – writer – astronomer – astrologer – “plumber and electrician of the human soul”….and today I am going to write about “the Shaman as Detective!”

Shamanism teaches that nothing or no one is every completely lost to us. We can arrange an audience with people long dead and we can retrieve information from “Outside Time”. This means “piercing the Veil between worlds” or “wading through the Mists of Time” to access information. This information is held by the Web of Life with the Spirits in the role of Great Cosmic Librarians. A bit like the famous Library of Alexandria!

Recently I have seen a run of clients whose life today is dominated by a “family secret” or a “loss of vital information” within the family. Examples of such secrets are: a murder that was covered up, a father having a hidden second family “on the side”, someone committing suicide and no one around them understanding why,a mother having three stillborn babies who never got mentioned again…. I hope you get the drift. Often families carry shameful knowledge as well: someone being a nazi or ancestors profiting from the slave trade. Things like that.

I could add ‘historian’ to the list of professions above because world history comes alive in amazing detail when you do shamanic work with individuals and families in a multicultural city in the year 2015.

The point I am trying to make is that such issues have repercussions (“send shock waves down the family tree”). In my shamanic practice I see many people whose lives are shaped by things or events they don’t understand (or even know about).  Examples are someone having an irrational fear of having children (while really loving children) perhaps. Or someone living with a dark sense of foreboding that starting an intimate relationship with someone could ‘literally mean the death of them’.  Sometimes people go as far as having an abortion (adding more loss and trauma to the family tree) without fully understanding the driving force behind such life-and-death decisions.

In our culture we believe that “dead is dead” and “lost outside time” means “gone forever”. But in shamanism (as well as in family constellations work) we work within an energetic ‘field’ (Rupert Sheldrake calls this the Morphogenetic Field) that holds information. And once we step into this field we can use our own body, emotions and intuition to access that information.

If someone needs to a have a final conversation with a dead mother – we can open sacred space, invite her presence into the room and “give voice” to her presence. Often dead people welcome the opportunity to ‘settle an issue’ or ‘express love their love for someone’ one more time. It is privileged audience facilitated by luminous beings. And yes, the shaman needs to be a “hollow bone”, meaning that ‘they need to get themselves and their ego out of the way completely’. Some people have more talent and experience than others, so discernment is called for.

But the fact remains that once a great family riddle is solved (or dissolved!) such “shamanic detective work’ can set people free. They no longer need to carry “irrational” fears (meanings fears that do not relate to their present life) . They no longer need to ‘live out a script written by an author unknown to them’. They can take the ‘driver’s seat’ and move forward in positive ways.

Another form of ‘psychic detective work’ is finding out where an issue from a previous lifetime needs unraveling (and we look into this only once all avenues to resolve the problem within this lifetime have been exhausted. We never do this work for entertainment, thrills or sensation). An example of this is people today living a celibate life (“unchosen and unwanted”!) and psychic detective work flushes out the information that they were a priest or nun in a previous lifetime and made ‘holy vows’ that are still in effect, energetically speaking. So then you stage a ceremony to cancel or end those vows and you invite the energetic presence of those who witnessed the making of those vows in the first place.

These are just some examples but I hope they give you the idea of The Shaman as Detective’. I often wish more people would ‘wake up’ to the possibilities of this work because it can literally “save lives” – meaning that it allows people to lead the life that is their birth right, not a life shaped by ancient patterns they are not even aware of (most of the time) and people you have never met (long dead ancestors).

I hope that this blog puts the information “out there” so people can find it and find themselves a good shamanic practitioner when a “psychic investigation” is called for!

Imelda Almqvist

Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic practitioner, teacher and painter based in London, UK