GNOSIS 2014 The Divine Child


Recently a theme has cropped up in my paintings and in courses I teach: The Marriage of the Sun and Moon and that marriage producing a Divine Child.

During our rock art course Spain this Autumn I was told to draw the Moon down into a cave by embodying her, and bring her to a place deep below the ground where there was a rock pool. I was told that a man had to embody to Sun and that we had to spend a moment in private embrace and meditation, embodying the mystical marriage of Moon and Sun. And that Moon and Sun needed to see their embrace reflected in the mirror of the rock pool, as that symbolised a birth of a different consciousness. A volunteer was found and this small ceremony was performed.

Back home again this theme continued in my paintings (such as the one above!)

In Spain we were working with the concept of the Hieros Gamos or Divine Marriage. In alchemy this concept is known as the coniunctio: the marriage of opposites and the marriage of spiritual and earthly energies. Through this union we glimpse the Divine Unity behind our world of duality.

The alchemist also stands balanced between the masculine and feminine powers in the background. He is really the offspring of the marriage between Sol, the archetypal Sun King seated on a lion on a hill to his right, and Luna, the archetypal Moon Queen seated on a great fish to his left. “Its father is the Sun,” says the Emerald Tablet, “its mother the Moon.”

Alchemy knows a lot of opposite images, like water and fire, dryness and wetness, warmth and cold, the volatile and the fixed, the bodily and the spiritual, the Sun and the Moon, gold and silver, circle and square and so on. The union of these opposites already constitutes a coniunctio. Coniunctio is also the union of divine or spiritual energies with earthly energies.
In the mystical sense coniunctio is the understanding or experience of the unity of opposites or paradoxes, the experience of the unity that lies behind our world of duality. Our limited understanding can only see in opposites. In the far East one tries to transcend this limited understanding by koans, expressions that contain paradoxes. Alchemy has a similar approach as it uses expressions as fiery water, watery fire, water that does not wet the hands, fire that does not burn.


Find yourself a comfortable place where you are not going to be disturbed for some time.

Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to ‘drop into your heart’, to leave behind the ‘river of thoughts’ or so called ‘Monkey Mind’. Perceive the world from the deep place of feeling that is your own human heart.

Imagine yourself standing at the entrance to a very deep cave. This cave has many narrow passages that lead down to a rock pool. The walls of the cave are painted with rock art in red ochre.

Before you enter this cave, take a moment to focus on the Moon (and it doesn’t matter if you can see her in ordinary reality or not!) Next focus on merging with the Moon and embodying the Moon: this means that you become one with the Moon. You are the Moon and the Moon is you! Then start your descent into this magnificent cave – all the time holding the awareness that you are and embody the Moon.

Walking into this cave is like walking into a great womb where your own dreams are painted on the wall in red ochre. And the red ochre reminds you of your own blood and a time when human beings lived in close partnership with all animals and nature and performed hunting and fertility rituals in caves.

You make your way down to the deepest point in this cave, where there is a rock pool. By that rock pool you meet another person who is embodying the Sun, just as you are embodying the Moon.

In the moment you two meet, you embrace and allow all personal boundaries to dissolve. In that moment Moon and Sun are as one and you are one with All That Is.

In that moment watch your joined reflection in the rock pool. You will see an image of great transformation, you will witness the birth of the Divine Child, the fruit of your alchemical and mysterious experience of Union of Sun and Moon.

Take your time. What does the Divine Child look like?

What is asking to be born, to come into form?

How does this experience change your everyday perceptions of reality and duality?

Maybe there is more that needs to come to your attention – stay by the rock pool as long as you want and need to be there.

When the work is done – the Moon and Sun release each other and make their way back out of the cave and back to the sky.

You now return to your every day self. Write some notes and make some sketches of the images you saw in the rock pool. Put those on your altar (if you have one), this vision of what is asking to come into form on earth in 2015.

As always I would love to hear what you saw or received!


Imelda Almqvist, December 2014


La Janda 2013 Red Ochre Woman

This meditation originated during GNOSIS OF THE EARTH, a rock art course that Karmit Evenzur and I teach in Andalucia, Spain every Autumn. This course will next run 5 – 9 November 2015.

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