This week a very dear friend and colleague asked me for my take on the concept HUMAN FREE WILL.

If we all have free will – then why do all of us face so many challenges and limitations on all levels?

This is a question I am often asked by clients too. The matter is often on my mind as I try to obtain and anchor a larger perspective, a professional  spirit-led, Divine,  perspective on what is happening to others, to myself, in our world and in people’s inner world. Because all of those ‘worlds’ are related and ultimately  mirror each other. There is ultimately only One World.

So in this blog I will (try to!) formulate my perspective on Free Will and the shadow side of that immense Divine gift – Karma.

Free Will is one of the great spiritual laws that operates in the Universe. But it has a shadow side: the moment the Divine gives us Free Will (and that is a special gift for humans – animals don’t have it and angels don’t receive  it either!) all possible scenarios are open to us and that includes scenarios of a ‘less high vibration’, scenarios of pain and suffering. And the moment we use our free will to co-create from a place of pain or separation from our Divinity (our innate and animating Divine Spark) – we are creating karma, not ‘Heaven on Earth’, because an imbalance occurs. And where there is imbalance, there is an an energetic debt. (This is also why the principle of ‘energy exchange’ is observed so carefully  in shamanism).

Once karma comes into play – it needs balancing, that is the only way to dissolve it. And what our ancestors do not resolve – the next generation, the young ones in any family, end up carrying – because it will continue to float up and beg for healing. But then we make a soul choice to be born into a certain family. That is not a random event.

In my shamanic healing work I observe that some karma can be dissolved through forgiveness work, healing work and making amends (if we do this work with the intention that it stretches back to the very beginning of Creation). However,  some (larger, further reaching) karma (affecting many people at the same time) can only be dissolved through being lived and embodied. We see examples of that all around us.

I am aware of examples of great spiritual teachers who have chosen to embody karma while on earth – and not necessarily their own personal karma (this explains how an enlightened being can still have a terrible illness  or severe eating disorder, for instance).

Our Western culture is very ‘youth focused’ and ‘health focused’. We see illness or disability as something undesirable (even contagious). The thought often occurs to me that we need to shift our perspective. The question is not: “What illness do I have?” but “What is asking for healing through me?” However ill we may be – we ARE NEVER OUR ILLNESS. And the more ill we are, the more likely it is that on some level we are great healers: we are  healing ourselves, our family, the world, we are resolving karma on all levels. So I have often toyed with the idea of writing a blog or article that is an ‘ode or PAEAN (song of praise)‘ to all sick people in our world.

And if one believes that we all live many times over – we all get to take many roles on the stage of life. If we are a king in this life – we may be a beggar or vagabond in our next life. Human consciousness has a great desire to taste and explore all that is… to ‘eat of all fruits in the Garden of Eden’ – to use a more biblical metaphor.

Soul choices made ‘outside space and time’ , ‘before we were even born’  DO limit our path in this life – to help us FOCUS.

For example, I was told once by Spirit that I will not have daughters in this life – but I will have many spiritual daughters (many women students attracted to the “Divine Mother energy” I am told I bring to shamanic teaching). This is not remotely what I wanted to hear at the time – but today I accept that part of me needed to stay open and available to the world. (So I have three beautiful sons, I am so blessed!) A wound is a portal – it lets in the light, it allows energy to move, it allows seeds to be planted and seeds to grow.

A child with Down’s Syndrome will not cast of the Down’s in this lifetime and body – but children with disabilities often have the most beautiful and evolved compassionate souls ( I see this all the time in my shamanic work). Down’s Kids often arrive on earth to teach everyone around them lessons about Unconditional Love. In that sense you could say that they ‘orbit much closer to the Divine’ than we “healthy, more average, ambitious, so called “high-functioning”  individuals’ ever manage to do!)

So Free Will definitely exists – but it has a flip side: Karma – our choices set energy in motion and that energy then shapes Creation. Then we need to dance with those energies to balance things. We have to take responsibility – RESPONSE ABILITY.

We also need to remember that we all have a ‘positive shadow;’ as well as a ‘negative one’ : amazing talents, creativity and healing abilities we are not aware we possess. And sometimes we need  a form of “Positive Shadow Retrieval” as well as the ‘soul retrieval work’ that is so well publicized in shamanism. We need help in re-membering our unique talents and resources so we can make full use of them. It is amazing how cut off people can be from their own talents and gifts, from their ability to shine.

This is not to say I do not STRUGGLE with any of this. Shamanic teachers have the same Soul Struggles as all other humans!

And a child that chooses to come in with a major health condition or disability is going to choose his parents with great care. That is what I observe on the level of soul, and with the parents of children I see in my shamanic practice. We don’t live in a random universe. We live in an intelligent and compassionate universe with a great sense of humour – but that Universe (or Father/Mother God, our Divine Creator Being) entrust us with FREE WILL – the ability to create and shape reality through making choices.

As our consciousness evolves and we bring much greater awareness to our actions, our choices, our thoughts and the way they affect others – we then reach a position where we can start creating a different reality on earth. A reality that perhaps reflects the “Lost Paradise” that all cultures preserve an archetypal memory of and yearn for on the level of World Soul.

We are more powerful than we think and our every thought and dream co-creates reality. But acquiring a human body and life on earth means submitting to the Divine Laws of Free Will and Karma.

This is my take on ‘human free will’ and ‘karma’  today- but my perspective is likely to evolve over time as I continue to evolve!

Imelda Almqvist






Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.

Compare bhakti (def 1), jnana.

Theosophy. the cosmic principle according to which each person isrewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’sdeeds in the previous incarnation
(From:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/karma)
  1. a song of praise or triumph.
    “a paean of praise for the great poets”
    • a creative work expressing enthusiastic praise.
      “he’s created a filmic paean to his hero”
      synonyms: song of praise, hymn, psalm, anthem, shout of praise, alleluia; More