I have made up a small myth – or maybe a small myth made me up?

Once upon a time and once upon a future there were two sisters. The Angel of Death has a twin sister: The Angel of Birth. Together they preside over the Theater of Life. They look alike except for one detail:  one has the wings of a crow and the other the wings of a white swan –  now guess who is who?!

Those two sisters are ancient. They go back a LONG way. Before they became school teachers they were surprisingly naughty little girls. The kind of girls who gave spiders swimming lessons, collected clouds in jam jars for close observation and stole a planet each to joy-ride around the galaxy. Once they even abducted a human being from Earth – because they wished to have a pet, to spoil and cuddle it to death.

Their Father (Time) and Mother (Night) then decided it was time to send them to Teacher College. They said: if you like humans so much, there is much that humans need to learn and experience…

After Teacher College our two ladies decided to start their own school, simply because they are too independent and stubborn to work in anyone else’s school…

They found the right premises and called it The School of Life. Then they invited human beings to enroll in their great vision for experience and learning. There was no lack of humans showing up. The thing with humans is: once you have two, you soon have a world population!

They built a great stage. They had immense fun making all the props and costumes. They were sewing wings and sequins onto most outfits.

They decided that they were going to stay a play called The Night Sea Journey- nothing to saccharine please!

They called the cast together and they allocated roles in the play. They gave all humans the following instructions:

Before you go on stage – do some exercises to tether yourself. You are not your costume and you are not the drama – but enjoy playing your part in the play – you will learn a lot!

When the curtains close, do take a moment to enjoy the applause but then leave the sage without dawdling – clearing the space for a new play with new actors, waiting in the wings.

Now put on your costume! If you forget your lines you improvise! Put on a jolly good show – your job is to entertain the gods and enlighten them!! They will all take their seats and watch the show.

Every play has a beginning, middle and end. At the end you blow a kiss to the audience and walk off stage. You take off your costume and have a shower. You scrub off all make up.

The Sisters decide to stand on either side of the stage. One stands by the entrance and the other by the exit, to encourage, whisper lost lines and keep an eye.

And so the play unfolds. A few humans over-identify with their role. The Sisters make a mental note to have a word.

A few other humans act lost – they have not only forgotten their lines – they have forgotten what a play is! They think the stage is all there is! The Sisters make a mental note to whisk them back stage for a  refresher course.

Again other humans like the limelight so much that they don’t want to leave the stage. They grow roots and a man with an axe needs to be found to cut them down and  remove them from the stage.

All in all running the School of Life is more work than the Sisters had bargained for…

After the final curtain call the Sister of Death shepherds the whole cast back stage and makes them hot chocolate. The Sister of Birth joins them too, but she sips herbal tea.

They ask the humans to share how they got on. Nearly all of them say: while I was on stage I completely forgot my true identity. I became my costume, I became my role.

The Sisters say: yes, that is what made the gods laugh so loudly – you truly made their day!!

Now who would like to do it all over again, but a different play, a different costume,  bring some more awareness to you role? The gods still have much to learn from humans.  Please raise your hands and we will take registration…. But if you were a king last time, you will be a vagabond next time. And if you wore black wings last time, this time your wings will be white…


Imelda Almqvist