We all have  a human mother. We all have a Divine mother. We are all children of Mother Earth. Many women go on to BE a mother as well as having a mother (motherS plural!)

This piece follows on from conversations I have had with my dear friend Sony Baron about human mothers and being a mother and wishing to create a forum dedicated to the Divine Mother where people can honour her and share any creative expression of her manifold manifestations.

There is a popular saying, attributed to Socrates, that  “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

I would put it slightly differently: the unexamined life is lived following ancient tracks we are not even aware of. We can’t live in true freedom until we examine what shapes our life, our perceptions, out choices, our habits. When you start examining those tracks, our parents appear.  Our mothers, our fathers, even ancestral patterns coming down the maternal and paternal lines.

I have found myself talking to many friends about “mothers” recently and heard many stories. Not all of those friends have chosen to be mothers themselves, for a wide variety of reasons.

I teach my own (sacred art) students that the words MATTER and MOTHER are related. The Latin word MATER means “mother” and the Latin word MATRIX means both “dam” and “womb”.

The word MATRIX originally comes from Ancient Greek (and is in turn derived from the word MA in Sanskrit, meaning both ‘mother’ and ‘measure’ and from the word MAS meaning ‘moon’). C. G.  Jung once said: “For the root matter is the mother of all things’ (the information in this paragraph is taken from a wonderful book:  The Moon, Myth and Image by Jules Cashford).

Mothers instill very different messages in their children, often messages that come out of a fear they themselves have carried all of their life.

My own mother feels, on a very profound level, that ‘working mothers are one of the root causes of all evils in the world’. As soon as our children arrived she has always encouraged me not to work, to make the domestic domain my kingdom (Queendom, Hive!) She feels that it is when children ‘go short’ that serious problems start in young lives. (But can I be an effective mother when I ‘go short’ and my need to answer my professional calling goes ignored? I know this would not make a me a good mother because I would end up living through my children and that is a heavy burden I wish upon no one).

Friends have shared with me that the opposite ‘programming’ exists too: mothers who instill in their daughters the message to be independent at all cost, in particular financially independent, to ‘never rely on any man to be the breadwinner’. I would guess that many of those mothers have been let down by men (or quite possibly their fathers failed in the role of ‘provider’ in the more traditional family structures that were in operation at that time). There is a good reason for such thinking and such fears – I hold no judgment about this.

But either way those (opposite!) patterns or programs come from a place of fear: my mother fears that by having a working mother, my children might miss out in some way and that may colour their lives negatively. Some mothers of friends live in fear of their daughters allowing themselves to depend on a man – and being betrayed or let down. There seems to be a ‘wide spectrum of messages in operation’, all with some justification.

Personally I can hear (and feel) the love behind both messages: mothers wanting the best for their daughters. All parents want their children to not make the same “mistakes” they did. But mistakes are the way we learn and gather information, like bees gather honey and bring it back to the hive.

In a very real way our mother (MATER) sets the frame of reference (MATRIX) for how we organise our lives and that includes how we arrange the financial and material aspects of our lives (MATTER). Ultimately money is supposed to be a neutral commodity that facilitates ” easy energy exchange’ (and I know – in today’s society it doesn’t always work out the way it should).

And to go back to the esteemed Socrates: if we do not examine the assumptions that shape our choices and existence – we will never be free of them. Do we want to make life choices in freedom or are we happy for semi-conscious motives to run (and even rule!) our lives?

I am a working mother. While our children were very young (at some point we had three children aged 4 and under!) I worked only two afternoons a week. Those afternoons were mostly therapeutic (me feeding my soul, recalling myself to myself and preserving my sanity by painting. But I did take on commissions and sell paintings during that period, the way I always have.  It wasn’t only “therapy for the artist’s soul”!)

Today our youngest son is 10 and family life has moved on since then.  All our children are  in school now and can work during their school hours. Today I am working as a shamanic practitioner and teacher – as well as a shamanic painter. So my professional range has expanded, you could say.

In my work with clients I see that any conditioning or patterns we are not aware of, get passed on to our children, and the children of our children. For that reason think we’d do well to examine our personal ‘MATRIX” and to release anything that  is not actually helpful. That is the only way we can live our lives in spiritual freedom, making choices that reflect the person we are, not the persons that shaped and parented us. Much as we love them! And much as they love us!

From my Art (Psycho) Therapeutic training I also know that the way we were mothered is internalized during childhood and often reflects the way we ‘mother ourselves’ as adults.  I started this piece by saying that as well as a human mother, we all have a Divine Mother (however we perceive her, whatever name we call her by, we are all touched in some way by the luminous presence of the Divine Feminine).

So here is the choice I ‘cast out today’ to anyone reading this piece: do you choose to live from the parenting you received from your human mother – or do you choose to align yourself with the Divine Mother – allowing Divine Love (Unconditional Love) to flow through you into all your relationships – release programming that ‘serves no more’?

The root matter is the mother of all things…. (Carl Gustav Jung).

 Imelda Almqvist