Rabbit House Wears Red 2014

 Some people call our house “The Red House” (because the window frames are painted red) but at this time of the year our house truly turns red because a Virginia Creeper embraces our house like a screen, or veil between family life and outside world.

A red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions, and has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events. (Definition of ‘Red Carpet’  I just found on Wikipedia)

As the London evenings are gorgeous and balmy at the moment I spent some time out last night, listening to the  songs of the stars and trees. I noticed how the Virginia Creeper has dropped so many leaves now that there is literally a Red Carpet or Red Path laid out in our garden. So who are the VIP guests?!! Well… squirrels, toads, crows, passing teenagers and younger children who come on sleepover in Middle Son”s Den at the back of our garden.

But there is another V.I.P. – and it is ME!

Someone has laid out a Red Carpet in our garden. Where will it take me if I walk it?

The Red Carpet is like Ariadne’s thread that takes me to the very heart of the labyrinth. And the heart of the labyrinth turns out to be my my own heart: beating, pumping blood, keeping me alive one heartbeat at a time, and do I appreciate that fact? That incessant labour to keep me alive?

I don’t think about my own blood too much. I take it for granted. But sometimes I ‘see red’ and I realise that there is an ocean within me and that I live courtesy of that sacred ebb and flow.

When I do healing work with clients I sometimes see their blood literally as a red ocean or a red river that takes me to their ancestors. On the sea shore of life, the ancestors await and sing to us across the water. (In shamanism we do a lot of so called   ‘ancestral healing work’ where we communicate with Those Who Came Before Us, those who passed on their gifts and unresolved issues to us).

So the Red Carpet is an invitation and it is also a Path. We speak of a ‘heavy heart’ or ‘heartfelt emotions’. If I board a small sailing boat and sail down this great red river into my own heart – what do I find there?

I find all the occasions that I have not been able to see a difficult situation as a request for unconditional  love. All the times where my own emotions got in the way and I reacted blindly, without taking a moment to ask myself on the level of soul: What is the most LOVING to do in this situation (and the most loving thing to do is not always the kindest thing to do or the most obvious thing to do!)

This is the challenge of the Red River, flanked by the Jungle that is Modern Life. Where the Monkey Mind rules and the labour of the human heart is taken for granted. Where the human heart is not seen for what it is: a sacred temple, a Cauldron of Inner Transformation.

If Love is my guiding principle, the Red Thread that runs through all situations and encounters, I can stay on that carpet of red leaves… I can stay inspired…. Divinely guided in all my actions….I can travel through life without unnecessary luggage(“hand luggage only!”) .

And ultimately even the most vibrant and gorgeous red leaves are absorbed by Mother Earth. They turn to compost. They feed the trees, that will produce the next batch of leaves…

We have much to learn from trees….

Those were the reflections I had last night  sitting on the steps to my “Red House” accepting the invitation of the Red Carpet – the Red Road into my own heart….

Imelda Almqvist