Last night I had a very vivid dream: I was meeting a group of women for tea in a cafe in the crypt of a very old Church (quite possibly St Paul’s Cathedral here in London!)

We were sitting around a (very small) round table, all squashed together and talking about our life choices.

One very elegant woman said: “I chose not to have children, there are too many other things I want to do in life!”

A messier woman in jeans, expertly rocking a sleeping baby in a pushchair with one hand, said: “I have just found out I am expecting our sixth child! I just can’t stop having babies!!’ (All other ladies briefly appeared speechless).

A young woman with beautiful auburn hair said: “Writing is going really well! I am writing many pages and poems every day! One day you will all be reading my first published book, I am sure of it!”

Another woman had folded herself into the tiniest of spaces under the actual table and could barely be seen. She didn’t even say it, but somehow we all knew that she wanted to be invisible to others and left in peace at all times. A natural born recluse. The sort of person who ought to live in a forest with only animals for company. The kind of person who only talks to owls, late at night, under a full moon, and does Most Mysterious things the rest of the time…

There was an elderly woman with beautiful silver hair who called herself  The Librarian. Her whole life was books. She and the pregnant woman didn’t agree about much….

Last but not least there was a young woman who takes her cello everywhere. She is a professional musician. When she travels by plane she gives her cello the window seat. Now that is what the rest of us call ” true love”!

And then there was me, in my pajamas…. Wondering: what on earth am I doing here? Who invited me here? Have I met these women before? Why do they all look so familiar?!!

Then it dawned on me: they are all ME! They are my subpersonalities and they all live inside me. In the “crypt” of my unconscious mind, perhaps. And that would make St Paul’s Cathedral the “temple that is my body”. I can live with that.

And the moment my eyes opened to this fact – I was back in bed, in a house full of books and three hungry children wanting breakfast, not six…..

Imelda Almqvist