Only once have I been aboard an airplane that was forced to make an emergency landing. In Nairobi – Kenya, to be precise, because one of the engines had stopped functioning. This plane was flying from Mauritius to London in the year 2001. I was seven months pregnant with our second child and our toddler was about 18 months old. He LOVED the whole drama of the emergency landing: the concealed panic of the crew members,  the flashing lights, the fire engines waiting for us at Nairobi Airport. Then being stuck in Africa unexpectedly so he could go feed the giraffes. Our eldest son considered this whole episode a HUGE TREAT. For years afterwards he would ask, while on planes: is this plane going to crash? (Foul glances from other passengers!) No, it’s not, hush now!! But will it make an emergency landing, as a special treat for Christmas? No!!!  Most people would not sign up for such a treat! (I could hear the other passengers thinking: could that Mum PLEASE shut up that annoying boy?!! His prattling was giving everyone the creeps…)

On Thursday night I dreamed that I was in Kuala Lumpur and that the city was a ‘bridge between two worlds’. My husband brought me a cup of  tea at 6.30 am on Friday morning and told me about Flight MH 17: from Amsterdam (assumedly) shot down on Thursday afternoon over the Ukraine-Russian border en route to Kuala Lumpur. No survivors, 289 people dead, of which 189 Dutch, like me. That hit close to home and my heart goes out to all the families affected by this and all the talent lost to the world because of this tragedy.

By profession I am a shamanic practitioner and teacher. One of the classic areas of work for a shamanic practitioner is acting as a Pyscho Pomp or Soul Conductor, accompanying souls on their journey to the afterlife and making sure that they are going to the right place. Here is the link to a page on my website that explains the shamanic perspective on death and dying:

 In the everyday Western world we often hold an (almost childish) belief that ‘once people die they go to heaven’. So the assumption is that the dead have arrived in a better world, no matter how sudden or violent their death. Shamanism tells us that this conviction is too simplistic. It also tells us that when a large number of people die an unexpected and violent death, they are not necessarily catapulted ‘straight into Heaven’. Often the souls of dead people are confused about where they are and what is going on. Our culture alludes to this in the phenomenon of ‘ghosts’ – the unquiet dead -and haunted places. The interest in such phenomena shows that we, on some deeper level, do not believe all dead people arrive in “heaven” without delay or complications.

So, returning to Flight MH 17 for a moment, and me feeling the duty to reach out to my compatriots (and everyone on that plane, crew members, other nationalities) the question then is: what needs to be done on a spiritual level for the people on that plane? It’s a mammoth task, best undertaken by a group of shamanic practitioners working together. On an individual level one could easily become overwhelmed by the amount of confusion, grief, and emotions of these people as they fell out of the sky.

For instance when the Twin Towers in New York  City came down on September 11th in 2001, large groups of shamanic practitioners performed psycho pomp work. The site was ‘picked clean’ spiritually speaking in many rounds of very intensive work.

So what about flight MH 17? Shamanic practitioners are like members of the ‘Life Boat Rescue Service’. When something on this scale occurs, they feel the duty to reach out and I am in the process of organizing some group work just now. But first of all I ‘reported for duty’ to Spirit and asked to be shown what needs to be done. I was shown how the confusion here is exacerbated by the complication of literally falling from the sky in a place where people had no intention of going. The airplane crashed in a war zone.I was shown that the land holds much bloodshed, grief and suffering already – and now many more innocent lives are added to the death toll. I was shown, by the spirits of place (every place on earth has guardian spirits) that this accident is a cry for help and peace from the land. This location is begging for healing, for peace to return, for the hostilities to be over.

Flying across a war zone is very dangerous for obvious reasons (and I will leave the discussion about the route taken to experts in the aviation field) but land that holds amounts pain, suffering and blood beyond human comprehension, can start acting as a  ‘black hole’ energetically speaking. Nothing will grow or thrive there and people living there or passing through can be swamped with difficult emotions. This means things are floating up and asking for healing and the situation needs someone with expertise in geomancy (spiritual earth and land work) and shamanic work to receive guidance on what needs to be done.

I was asked to perform certain actions for the people on that plane. I saw a huge level of shock and confusion. Often in disasters involving large numbers of people the souls of parents ‘stay behind’ out of anxiety for  their children but often very young children actually remember where they were before they were born and they find it easier to make the sudden transition. Most grown ups lose that awareness with time. The grown ups who don’t often become psychics, intuitive healers or shamanic practitioners.

I saw that the location where the plane crashed is not helping things and groups will need to do expert work on this. My intention is to keep on returning to the site (moving myself there energetically I mean) and to keep on doing ‘the necessary’ as well as organizing a group of colleagues for doing powerful group work where we open portals to worlds made of light and love, call in all angels and luminous beings, ancestors and deceases loved ones – and ensure that every single soul on this flight is taken to a place where they can recover from the trauma, remember who they are outside time and space, connect with loved ones on the other side and continue their journey in other realms.

On a practical level (again speaking of ‘everyday reality’ here)  the souls of these people will need the reassurance that all earthly matters are taken care of: that young children and elderly parents are looked after and supported and loved, that the world at large now puts focus on the Ukraine and goes to great lengths to resolve the conflicts and suffering. (The same thing of course goes for Israel, Afghanistan and many other places. Sadly the Ukraine is not exactly unique for being a war zone).

There is a belief in our culture that ‘once people are dead, they are no longer affected by events here on earth’. It is not as simple as that. The ‘Other World’ is a vast realm with many territories and not all of them resemble “Heaven”.

If you are not trained in doing Psycho Pomp work – do NOT attempt to do it after just reading a description!!! It is one area of shamanic work that carries real danger – you can endanger yourself and get hurt. The best thing you can do for the passengers of flight MH 17 is to hold them in Divine Light, to reach out to those left behind who are hurting and grieving (if you are in a position to do so), to hold the Ukraine, land and citizens in visions of peace and harmony.

A simple candle is a powerful tool! Add your light by symbolically lighting a candle and observing a vigil. And while you are doing this, see all war zones and suffering people on Earth in their Divine Light, in their purest form, in the way that the Great Creator (however you perceive this, god/goddess/Allah/Jehova/Great Spirit etc.) made the Earth and all sentient beings.

Thank you for reaching out! Like me you probably feel gratitude at being alive and not having boarded Flight MH 17. So let’s do what we can…

Imelda Almqvist