THE TIME TRAVELLERS   is a shamanic group for children and young people in London UK. The aim is provide safe space and a spiritual toolkit for young people to explore spiritual matters, share experiences and find solutions to challenges they face in school and everyday life.

Last week my colleague Jill Hunter and I co-taught a session on Animal Healing work .

The ideal situation would have been to have our own City Farm, but as our family doesn’t, we were lucky to work with a wide range of animals: one horse, one parrot, two donkeys, several dogs and several cats!

We started off by encouraging all children to shape shift into animals and ‘go feral’ for a while, to really connect with wild animal energy and essence.

The children already know (from previous sessions) that animals have a group soul and that they can journey to the Mother Soul of any animal species to request guidance on healing work to be done.

We had one cat at ‘death’s door’ in animal hospital and several children saw a hair ball stuck in its throat. This information was passed on to the family and vet.

We also had one cat that had gone missing. Some ‘remote viewing’ (using a photograph) located it in the West End. Apparently it had done a runner once before and was found near Leicester Square, so we think it may have returned to an ‘old stomping ground’ for more adventures.

The new thing the young people learned this session is how important it is to create a vortex of love and joy around all animal species of our world.  Jill  had brought a chute (like a parachute without the ropes) in all colours of the rainbow. First we worked huddled under it, in a kind of  “rainbow womb”, to do diagnostic and healing work. Then we used the chute to roll some beach balls around both chute and circle to ‘stir up a powerful vortex of love and joy’. There was much laughter and the children went ‘feral again’ because they were enjoying themselves so much.

There was a point where some boys took turns standing on their heads, sending energy to ‘their animal’. I could sense Mother Earth absorbing all the fun, the vibes, the laughter. (“Mother I can feel you under my head….”)

I write and teach most sessions myself but a few times a year I invite a guest teacher to co-teach and share their skills with the group.  Invariably they cannot fathom the speed at which these children do shamanic work. Before we have formulated a journey intention, some of them sit there and say: ‘Yaah, I already saw it, don’t need to journey!! What’s next?!” I truly believe that this is ‘the shamanism of the future taking shape’, an instant and profound ‘seeing and knowing’ without the drums, rattles and blankets of ‘core shamanism’.

Our next session will be at the local Victorian Cemetery, the closest thing we have to ‘wilderness’ so close to Central London. Traditionally we do one session a year on exploring shamanic perspectives on death and dying. Last year all kids climbed a big tree and I was below them  looking up, talking to them about the Land of the Dead and soul conductors.

One girl said: “I know! Psychopaths are beings that move souls between the worlds!!” And unfortunately psychopaths do send people off to other worlds on occasion. Psychopaths or ‘psychic paths’, it takes almost supernatural energy to teach this group but I hope I can ‘hang in there with them’ in the years to come.

Our children are the future of our planet. They are also my and our greatest teachers (if only we will engage and listen!)

It  is my personal belief that providing children with a spiritual toolkit and helping them develop their innate healing skills is a very important contribution to our planet just now.

We always welcome any young people wishing to join The Time Travellers. Feel free to contact me for more information. I operate a ‘Wheel of the Year’ listing themes for all sessions I can send out.

Imelda Almqvist