A few days ago I got a phone call from an ecstatic client to tell me about her “Miracle Pregnancy”, apparently connected to working with me. That made my day! However, y
esterday I was contacted by a woman who is confused about an unwanted pregnancy and she asked for help as well as a shamanic perspective on communicating with the soul of an unborn baby or foetus.

Shamanism offers options that the world at large is not aware of. That is my reason for writing this blog today: to get the information out there and encourage pregnant women in a situation like this to at least consult a shamanic practitioner before making decisions that involve life and death (and possibly rebirth).

Shamanism offers many ways of contacting the world of soul and spirit. This could mean consulting highly evolved beings about a tricky situation (on behalf of an individual or larger group in society) but it could also mean talking to the soul of an unborn baby or consulting someone’s Higher Self (sacred self outside space and time) about a burning  issue. This same approach can be used with people who are in coma (think of agonizing decisions about switching off life support machines or not), people who are non verbal (serious disabilities or children with severe autism) and even animals, trees and the land (this type of work with land, allowing the land and all sentient beings to speak,  is called geomancy).

Before doing any shamanic work with someone I ask for their consent.  Doing healing work with people (or even saying prayers  for people!) without their permission is a form of psychic intrusion!  In cases where  it is not possible to seek consent in ordinary (everyday) reality, I go and ask for permission from someone’s Higher Self outside space and time.

The pregnant woman contacting me yesterday had already decided that she wanted a termination. Fortunately she has the awareness that she would  prefer to communicate with the soul of the foetus about the why and when of this, before arranging a medical procedure. That shows respect and gives the soul of the foetus the opportunity to prepare for leaving the realm of earth. (I have done too many shamanic healing sessions with women where the souls of miscarried or terminated babies had somehow glued themselves to their energy field and not actually made the transition back to the world of spirit. Spiritually speaking this is an unhealthy situation that can keep both souls trapped in grief and cause serious health problems).

I told this woman that a shamanic practitioner can communicate with the soul of the  foetus and explain her decision, as well as communicating anything else that needs to be spoken between them, but that a medical procedure would still need to be performed.

Once that is done my recommendation is to soon after perform a small ceremony to honour the passing of a new life through her and to say goodbye – in some way that has meaning for her. (There is no fixed protocol for this. I once had a client who decided to stand on a hill as the sun rose and sang the soul of the child home while visualising it being absorbed by the Sun, symbol of Divine Light).

However, I also advised this woman to ask the practitioner to consult her own Higher Self about the timing and meaning of this pregnancy, occurring right now. (Again, I have worked with too many women who  thought there would be plenty of other babies in the future – and those babies failed arrive in the years that followed).

Shamanism teaches that we are our own spiritual authority. We can seek help, certainly, but ultimately we learn to make decisions guided by our spirit allies. Therefore it is not for the practitioner to influence the client one way or another. Our job is to get all information, every perspective (in particular the soul perspective, the higher view), on the table.

Hopefully a client then makes a decision that truly serves the highest good, a decision they can live with for life. And if a termination is decided on, the divine spark of life that came and turned back is granted respect and a goodbye.

Sometimes that is all we can do. As a mother of three children I know very well that parenting is a HUGE soul commitment  and that there are too many children out there suffering  traumatic circumstances because their parents are too wounded  or otherwise unable to parent them well.

Of course there are also many people out there whose greatest dream is to adopt a child!

There are many possible outcomes – but I believe in offering soul support, not in promoting an outcome that suits my personal code of ethics, as I won’t be the one living with the consequences of this decision for the rest of my time on Earth.

It felt important to write this piece and get the information ‘out there’, courtesy of the wordpress forum.

I also invite you to also look at  my webpage about Spirit Children (and paintings of spirit children). Here is the link:

Imelda Almqvist