Last weekend my husband got talking about developing a ‘better sense of priority’. What I heard was ‘black poetry’. Once we cleared up the confusion I thought the misunderstanding was indeed ‘poetic’ because changing priorities is ‘darkness work’, something we do when the Moon is waning – as it is right now – and we decide what projects we withdraw life force from in order to be more fully present in other areas of our life.

For me “black poetry” is about tending the garden of our soul. I am busy putting together the next component of my 2 year sacred art practitioner training. It is going to be all about The Tree of Life. One of my group’s tasks will be reflecting on ourselves as a tree (what needs watering and what needs pruning?) and planting seeds in the ‘Garden of Our Soul’. What do we need to grow to step more fully into our unique soul task here on Earth?

Spring is here. I am enjoying the daffodils, the forsythia, the cherry blossom trees. From time to time my husband ask each other and ourselves: what do we need to plant in the Garden of Our Marriage? What needs to be watered and fed? What needs to be pruned?

Our youngest son Brendan has written a book. It comes out on Thursday (to coincide with his tenth birthday). It is a spiritual book where he talks about his favourite places in the spirit world and the many forms love can take. In his book he makes one suggestion I really like: he says you can pick out one tree and ask it to represent your family tree. Then you go to visit and water that tree as a spiritual practice for increasing the ‘love quotient’ (as it were) in your whole family. Isn’t that a great idea?!

I love darkness work. Roll on the “Black Poetry”!

Imelda Almqvist