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Today is the first glorious Spring day of the year 2014. It is a crime to sit behind a computer, the only place to be is outside and unplugged!

When our children were young we decided to build them a tree house. Then we went one further and asked our builder to build them a tree castle instead, with a tower room and battlements and roof terrace.

Life works in funny ways. As children grow older, parents grow younger, on the inside…. Plenty of wrinkles and silver hairs appear, but on the inside you grow younger again once you pass age 40 or thereabouts.

I have proof for this: today our children frequently complain: “Mum, you are so CHILDISH!!!”

So, anyway…. I climbed the tree castle today. I had the place all to myself. The sun was gliding over our house and for a moment I became the Sun. I spied a little on the secret life of our neighbours, but quickly lost interest. I was in the domain of birds.They were physically much closer and I realised that to understand the so called Green Language, (or Language of Birds) you only need to climb the Tree of Life. And every tree is a son or daughter of the Tree of Life…

So yes… things got quite mystical and mysterious up there. I decided to climb up there again tonight and talk to the Moon and the stars.

For some time I have felt a little sadness that the children have lost interest in their tree castle. Today I realised that there is nothing to stop me from claiming the tree castle as my own sanctuary now and climbing up there whenever I need to be invisible, unavailable or busy learning the language of birds and clouds.

If ever you need to get away from it all…. why don’t you meet me in the Tree Castle for a cup of tea?!

Imelda Almqvist


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