Do you ever steal shadows? I do!

This week I was on school trip with Year Five, to the London Eye. It was a beautiful sunny day. My son hoped to see Windsor Castle simmering in the far distance (we didn’t). However, I did notice that all children (60 in total) were accompanied by lovely shadows dancing on the pavement.

One boy said to me: “Imelda, do you think it’s possible to go on school trips by dropping into cracks in the pavement?!” I certainly think so! It’s cheap, safe and very adventurous too! Shamanic journeys into ANY crack  between the worlds are….

No, but in all seriousness, I AM a shadow chaser. On sunny days (the best days for clearly defined shadows) I am always looking at people’s shadows and observing how they move, dance, overlap, disentangle themselves again and continue their journey. I have the habit of carrying a small camera in my pocket and when I think I can get away with it I snap pictures of people’s shadows. I have built up a nice collection over the years.

Yet, it feel a little…. sneaky…. like I am stealing people’s shadows!

In both shamanism and psychology the word ‘shadow’ has a slightly different meaning of course: the hidden part of ourselves. The things in ourselves we suppress and do not wish to acknowledge. So what happens with that material? It gets projected onto others. The things we do not like in ourselves are very obvious to us in others. Once you get the hang of this, you can have fun with the phenomenon. You can make a list of people you can’t stand for instance, list the qualities that you find  so unbearable, then go deep within yourself to find and reclaim those very qualities. (Maybe take a deep breath and make a cup of tea first though!)

The thing is that with so much of ourselves ‘locked away from view’, we become impoverished in our range of human emotions and expressions. We are in denial. We spend a lot of time suppressing and denying things.

I will not go into any details but I will say that just recently I have made visits to my “Inner Drug Dealer” and my “Inner Stalker”. And I consider myself a reasonably sane and ‘sorted’ person (most of the time)…

If this phenomenon interests you, I highly recommend the book: The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. It offers many exercises to get you started. Like a ‘bargain extreme adventure holiday in your own psyche!”


I also suggest you have a look at the following webpage:


Below are some favourite pictures from my (growing) collection!

Tree Woman Waving 2012


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Imelda Almqvist