I have been writing a regular blog since January 10th this year (2014) and today I will hit 1000 views in total, according to the stats (the counter stood at 999 a moment ago).  That is pretty awesome!

So why write a blog at all?

For many years I did not write a blog. When people told me about their blogs I’d think: great to see so many people busy writing (I really do love language in all its manifestations), but who’d have time to actually read all these blogs?! It also seemed a touch self-involved: how often do we really have something new or ‘fresh’ to say?

Over time my perspective has changed. Our family did a lot of sailing in recent years (we sailed all around the Caribbean and up the coast of Central America, i.e. from Panama to Mexico). We kept a blog mostly as a record for our three children, so one day they can relive family adventures, hear words spoken by their younger selves – and generally have a good laugh at the antics of ‘three boys on a boat’. Most of the blog writing was done by me, not my husband. As the Captain of our ship he was more commonly found with his head stuck in the bilge or the engine room.

I discovered I enjoyed writing a blog! There is something very CARPE DIEM (pick the day!) about writing a blog. You find yourself recording precious moments that would slip like sand through your fingers, otherwise. Life can be incredibly ephemeral.

Another discovery I made is that there people out there writing truly fantastic blogs. Cutting edge type stuff. I often end up researching very ‘obscure corners of world mythology’  (to mention one example). Not infrequently the information I need is found in a blog, by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable writing about the subject for sheer joy of it. (Now that beats Wikipedia by quite a stretch!)

Another discovery I made is that blogging can be therapeutic (and costs way less than psychotherapy, actually it’s FREE!) I had quite a ‘grim’ day with my children one day recently and realised the only way I could stay calm and positive was by ‘dropping into the role of observer’ and studying their behaviour as if they were aliens (or animals in the zoo!) So rather than feeling depressed and upset all evening I wrote a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ blog about TALKING TO ALIENS instead.

Last week I bumped into a friend who said: I have noticed your blogs but I don’t have time to read them. I said: “Of course not! I do not automatically read every piece of blog any friend of mine writes either. I only read pieces that speak to me for some reason’.

So for me personally that is the bottom line… I suppose! Write for sheer joy of  writing. Write to keep a beautiful personal record for yourself and others. Write to flex your ‘writing muscle’ before tackling a great challenge (say a book!)

I do not expect people to read my blogs – but when my blogs get viewed and commented on I admit I am thrilled. A big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to read this!!

The first person to read this blog (i.e. you will be my 1000th view!) can claim a small painting…. now see if someone gets in touch!

Imelda Almqvist