Years ago my youngest son (then aged three) once asked me: “Mum, do you think the clouds talk to each other? What do you think they all talk about all day, high up in the sky?!”

Isn’t it strange that we Earthling don’t spend most of our time flat on our backs looking up at the sky?!

We all live in a great cinema. The most amazing ‘movies’ (quite literally!) play over our heads, all day long. At night another movie plays: The Night Sky!

I was gazing at the sky earlier today and suddenly realised that ‘it is the Wind that paints the Sky’. I am a shamanic practitioner (as well as a painter) and an “apprentice of the wind”. I pay attention to the wind. I often look up at the sky, because it brings us so many gifts and surprises. I often point my camera at the sky too.

Today is one of the windiest days of the year (gale force winds) and the clouds are moving at breathtaking speeds. Clouds are great shape shifters, They tell many stories and hold up many mirrors. In my experience they love entering into communication with Earthlings. When I have made heartfelt requests, they have responded, with a great sense of humour and compassion. (I am serious too!!)

As a shamanic practitioner I do a lot of divination work (meaning readings from Spirit on burning questions for other people). I remember walking around London once with a burning question in my own heart. For some reason it occurred to me to ‘ask the clouds’. The question concerned one of our children. The clouds answered my question instantly and accurately, simply by shape shifting three times in the space of a few moments. I realised there is such a thing as a CLOUD ORACLE!

I have since tried the same thing with the Moon – and she too answered a burning question instantly. (I asked if I needed to take some time off work – instantly she veiled herself in a cloud only to reappear brighter and more perfectly visible some time later!) I followed her advice. I am on sabbatical from healing work just now (but not from teaching and writing). I know that I need to retreat from time to time before I can return and be visible again, with more to give, ‘shining brighter’ as it were….

One memorable day was in Tenerife about four years ago. For some reason I had a great yearning to see angels. I had just written a webpage about angels.


With my ‘wish to see angels’ we did a family outing to the volcano Mount Teide and the clouds over the volcano took the most extraordinary shapes. I will post some pictures as ‘evidence’!

I am not the only one who watches clouds and talks to them, photographs them, admires them, loves them and sings to them…. Did you know that there exists a society dedicated to the Appreciation of Clouds?!


My invitation (and challenge) to you today is to engage with the notion of a Cloud Oracle. Cast a question at the sky and clouds and see how they respond. Then write in to let me know what you got, I’d love to hear! (This is going to put a lot of psychics out of work….. )

Imelda Almqvist