I am serious! Every woman in her forties needs to own one teenage item of clothing. For fun, for laughter, for cheap and instant rejuvenation, to please the Inner Teenager (not to mention spicing things up with the long-suffering husband/boyfriend/girlfriend… Delete where applicable)

What is age anyway? Someone was telling me recently that even physically speaking you are only ever as old as you think you are, something to do with ‘brain chemistry’. So… think YOUNG! Buy yourself some criminally short skirts or rainbow tights or ridiculously high heels that make you feel like a human sky scraper.

In some book I was reading recently I came across a reference to ‘all women in their thirties  needing to wear their hair short  (as ‘long hair is only for young girls’ apparently – I think this book was written in the 1950s …) I have come across the same advice to all women in their forties: go for a sensible haircut, so people will take you seriously and you ‘don’t look like your own teenage daughter’. Well as I do not have a daughter… there is nothing stopping me then…. My teenage son thinks I look embarrassing no matter what I wear!

Right! Let’s violate those silly rules! I have very long hair and I fully intend to wear the skirt I couldn’t resist buying this morning (see photograph), though maybe not on the ‘ rainy school run’ this afternoon…

Someone once told me that I “have the dress sense of Pippi Longstocking”. I decided to take that as A COMPLIMENT! Now I will take things one step further and Dance with my Inner Pippi. The following article gives some suggestions for dressing as Pippi:

Do you own one teenage article of clothing? Can I see a picture please?!!

And who is interested in a fancy dress party with Teenage Theme soon?! 

Imelda Almqvist