As several of my children have recently experienced bullying and unpleasant power games in school, here goes: “A Shaman Mum” puts together a “Spiritual Survival Kit for Kids”!

Recently someone told me that so called ‘survival bags’ are now being handed out to homeless people. Native American people had medicine bundles considered their most precious possessions. They represented a person’s spiritual life and  were considered to have protective and healing powers. When people died their medicine bundle was either buried with them or passed along to a family member or friend who became its sacred guardian. Medicine bundles were also created and looked after for a whole tribe or community!

This is the SPIRITUAL KIT FOR KIDS I have arrived at:

–     A fold up Invisibility Cloak

–     A pocket size magic wand

–     A small pouch full of fairy dust to sprinkle wherever you go or wherever needed

–     Some flying ointment (but not all schools have adequate parking facilities for broomsticks)

–     Your Power Animal (picture or figure or small toy)

–     Your Body Protector (picture or figure or small toy)

–     A feather: to remind you to GROW WINGS and TO TAKE YOURSELF LIGHTLY!

–    A small mirror +  a piece of paper with a personal mantra written on it: I am perfect just the way I am, I am loved. I am not responsible for the feelings and actions of others, I am only responsible for my own response to the actions/feelings/moods and decisions of others. This is my so called RESPONSE-ABILITY!

–     A sky rope, to climb between worlds any time and to make a quick exit from dangerous situations

–     A first aid kit. Some times you need to stand up to a bully for your own sake even if it means you get a few cuts and bruises in the process  (Simon Cook)

(To that I will add: a small sewing kit to repairs any small rips and tears  you discover in your Invisibility Cloak!)

–     A notepad and pencil to write down all the great ideas that pass though any human child’s mind in the course of a day, can also be used to write a quick love note to someone whose love levels need ‘topping up’!

–     One small musical instrument (a magic flute would be perfect)

–     A box of matches to remember we can choose to shine light in dark corners and we can “SET THE WORLD ON FIRE” (but please don’t literally set anything on fire, that is called PYROMANIA not SHAMANISM!!)

–    A whistle to ‘blow the whistle’ on bullies and other “contemporary demons”

–    A handful of change to give to the homeless people you see on your way to school or people who forgot their dinner money

–    A fold up garbage bag to fill with all unwanted energy we come across in a day – to be emptied ceremonialy at the end of the day by shaking it out on a hill top  while joyfully singing transmutation songs to transform the energy into blessings for your city/village/forest/field and school playground.

Next let’s give some thought to creating a medicine bundle for our whole tribe, i.e. the world population and Global Community, because our world needs it –  but hat will be another post…

I you have any suggestions or contributions for either this Medicine Bundle/Survival Kit or the global one, please write in….. I can add and edit this post as people respond!

And enjoy the great gift of another day on Earth!

Imelda Almqvist