My mind is often on music! I love playing the cello ! I sometimes feel that music (vibration) is the ultimate nature of everything.

When I die I would like to become one note in a really beautiful piece of music and continue to journey through the universe in the form of sound waves. Imagine being part of the Music of the Spheres!

Quote from Er) “And on each of its circles was seated a Siren on the upper side, carried round, and uttering a single sound on one pitch. But the whole of them, being eight, compassed a single harmony within the seven intervals.”

In the painting above: The Moirae (or Morai) in Greek mythology were the Goddesses of Fate. They allocated every person their fate or share in life. Their name means “parts”, “shares” or “allotted portions”. Clotho – the Spinner – spins the Thread of Life. Lachesis – the Apportioner – measures the thread of life. Atropos – “She Who Cannot Be Turned” – cuts the Thread of Life.

Plato’s Tale of Er: In Book X of his “Republic”, Plato wove a tale describing the reincarnation of souls. The myth envisaged a cosmos enclosed in eight concentric spheres, as a model of the heavens. Each sphere had its own distinctive colour and musical note. The eighth note was the same as the first, but an octave higher; all eight, sounded together, produced the Music of the Spheres  

See also:  http://www.shaman-healer-painter.co.uk/info2.cfm?info_id=147250

I am clearing my desk today (it’s like an archeology dig: I am finding stuff from years ago!) and I found the following drawing by my youngest son Brendan. He must have been 3 0r 4 years old at the time (today he is 9 years old). It is the ‘first piece of music’ he ever wrote and it seems to be a ‘Song for Tigers’ if I read the symbols correctly. Tigers are his favourite animals. There is also an airplane (journey?!) in there somewhere and possibly a tree. Doesn’t it look like hieroglyphs?!

Brendan's first piece of music

Yes, that definitely got me thinking about music. I am enjoying some rare child-free time so I think I will go and play the cello now!

Have a restful Sunday everyone!

Imelda Almqvist