This week I have been preparing for an interview on an American TV show on January 22nd. I was asked to submit a biography and write down for the TV presenter what I am passionate about, what my work as an artist, shamanic practitioner and teacher is all about.

As a mother of three young children (aged 13, 12 and 9) I am passionate about working with children and young people. I run a shamanic group for children, teens and ‘tweens’ called the TIME TRAVELLERS, here in London. The aim of this group is to provide safe space and a spiritual toolkit for young people to explore spiritual matters, share experiences and find solutions to challenges young people face in school and everyday life. The group has been running for about 18 months now and we have a community of wonderful guest teachers sharing skills with young people. We have covered subjects like (spiritual strategies for dealing with) bullying, dream theatre work, animal healing, weather shamanism, shamanic drumming and so forth.

TIME TRAVELLERS was born out of my healing work with children and young people in private practice as a shamanic practitioner. I realised that the children I saw for individual sessions struggled with similar issues (such a strong intuitive spiritual perception of life but peer pressure in school to deny and hide that, to the point of being bullied for being ‘different’). I received strong spirit guidance that they would benefit from meeting each other and having a safe community of likeminded youngsters where they could share issues and explore spiritual ways of perceiving the world and interacting with others, nature and their own imagination and innate ability to heal.

In August 2013 my colleague Nick Taylor and I facilitated a VISION QUEST (i.e. a night of SITTING OUT at Druid’s Grove just outside London) for the first time. There was an INITIATION for one of the teenagers who indicated he was ready to mark the moment where he leaves childhood and steps into manhood. This field trip was such a success that we have decided to make such Rites of Passage an annual event. This also means that the experience of Initiation will naturally be available to any Time Travellers ready for this ancient yet profound step.

We are all aware that many young people today engage in binge drinking, drug abuse and anti-social behaviour. In Africa there is a saying: “If the youth are not initiated, they will burn down the village’. It is my belief that if we fail to provide adequate Rites of Passage and Ceremonies for our young people, they will go out and try to create ‘transcendental experiences’ for themselves in risky and inappropriate ways. This explains the levels of adolescent violence and antisocial behaviour escalating in the West. We need to facilitate the  transition into meaningful adulthood for our young people.

Anyone who shares this interest is welcome to get in touch with me! The group welcomes new arrivals and young people are most welcome to give it a try!

Our next session is on Monday January 13th and we are going to learn about moving energy: safe ways of doing healing work with human beings.

A flyer for the TIME TRAVELLERS group and a WHEEL OF THE YEAR listing the themes for all sessions is available on request. The TIME TRAVELLERS also have their own website:

Imelda Almqvist