My name is Imelda Almqvist and I admit: I am an old fashioned person at heart. I am a shamanic painter (and also an overworked shamanic practitioner!)  People often ask if any of my work can be found on You-tube. Recently I finally worked out how to set my paintings to music and, with some trepidation, I posted those videos on Youtube. Now the next thing is ‘a blog’.

Until now I do write blogs, but only when our family is sailing around the world. E.g. last year we sailed up the coast of Central America and visited the Kuna Indians in Kuna Yala, as well as many other places.

I like writing blogs, because life throws these gifts of pure magic at us – and if we don’t write any of this down, the pearls evaporate: the thought-provoking things my children say and do, the miracles that occur in my work, revelations that occur while painting, the way whales sing and the moon shape shifts when you are out on the ocean. Life is beautiful, if challenging!

Some time ago my 7 year old son went through a phase where he became obsessed with ghosts. He asked me a few times: ‘Mummy, are you planning to be a ghost when you die?’ The answer to that question is ‘No!’ but my children know that I deal with ‘ghosts’ every day professionally. Maybe ‘ghosts’ will make an interesting subject for a blog in the near future.

However, it seems that in our culture of 24/7 availability, one ‘becomes a ghost’  if one does not carry a mobile phone or writes a blog, or has ‘web presence’. So I will now become a blogger… rather than a ghost….

Imelda Almqvist